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I've color coded the pages now, added the random noises on every page, and organized the sound so you don't have to flip through the pages as much. Regards.

The NMRH soundboard has had some major modification made to it today. I GREATLY reduced the loading time, and shrunk the file to 7 MB instead of 16. If you want the glorious, high-resolution version of the board, download it from the link in the description. Otherwise, I will be periodically updating it, especially upon requests, as I HAVE gotten several which told me to tank down somewhat on the quality to improve speed. As I am experimenting with a new resolution format, it may take me some time to redo some of the graphics that were previously there. I don't know how much time it will take, but I'll get it done eventually. SPACEBAR ALSO STOPS SOUNDS NOW! Regards.

At first, I made this account to share my soundboard with the world to prevent it from going to waste, but eventually I discovered that you can use an NG account from some pretty neat things, and I have some other projects which are worth something, but are stored away in a dusty corner of my computer. I may upload them eventually, I don't know. I guess I'm just gonna wait and see how my soundboard fares before doing anything else. Do what you must if you have any questions. Otherwise, a high five to everyone who found and visited this page-ESPECIALLY VENT HARASSERS xD!